Camp Preschool

Since all the big kids have their own camps for the summer, we felt our fun loving inquisitive preschoolers ought to have their own. This mom and tot camp will run for 1 week in June and one week in July. It will meet everyday at 10:30 for a book and a craft. Most campers will be ready for the park after that.

Designed for kids 2-5.

Dates: June 20-24 Cost is $10 per week
  July  18-22 Reserve a spot by calling 873-0200
June 20th  - 24th Featured Book
Monday Finger Painting Day the Crayons Quit
Tuesday Wet Pasta Art Barnyard Dance
Wednesday  Caterpillar Lacing Craft  Very Hungry Caterpillar Book
Thursday Milk Carton Bird Feeder Are You My Mother
Friday Flower Pot Painting Book with no Pictures
July 18th -22nd  
Monday Puffy Painting Perfect Piggies
Tuesday Dry Pasta Art Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Wednesday Rainbow Pom Poms What Makes a Rainbow
Thursday Egg Carton Garden  Scratch & Sniff Garden (DK)
Friday Bug Playdough Mats  Very Busy  Spider